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Scan to djvu

(All software used here is available from the standard debian linux repositories.)
I scan a lot so scanning procedure must be simple and the resulting files must be small. Most people use pdf which is not the best format for scanning. There is a djvu-file format which was created primarily for scanning; normally djvu scans are smaller than pdf ones. Here is an example for (perhaps most linux-friendly) HP-hardware. Suppose that my "all-in-one" hp device has an ip address; When I need to scan several sheets, I change to an empty directory and type

scanadf -d "hpaio:/net/Officejet_6700?ip=" -v -o ${1}%02d.pnm --source ADF --resolution 300 --mode Gray
make -f scan-Makefile  
where "hpaio:/net/Officejet_6700?ip=" comes from the output of

make command will convert all pnm-files in the current directory to all.djvu Sometimes I email scanned documents; since I can not expect from people to know what djvu format is, I convert djvu to pdf:

ddjvu -format=pdf -quality=85 -verbose input.djvu output.pdf 

Note: scan-Makefile is optimized for American "Letter" paper format; you might have to modify it for another (say, "A4") format.

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