Oleg Shalaev

Contact information

skype ID: chalaev    email: chalaev@gmail.com    pgp key    paypal: paypal.me/chalaev

Programming skills

Click for code examples:
linux system administration   shell scripting   regular expressions    LISP    emacs and elisp    Perl    Python(GIS,CGI)    PostgreSQL    C++    MPI,OpenMP    linux deb-packaging    web-development (JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, Python, CSS, Bootstrap, PostrgreSQL, oAuth2)    nginx   Mathematica/maxima

Familiar with:   Clojure   PHP   Matlab

See also cv-coding.pdf    github    linkedin

Physics and Math Skills

computer algebra    semiconductor theory    disordered systems    diagrammatics    group theory     probability theory

See also cv-scholar.pdf    Google Scholar


Location: Rochester NY

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